Hands-on Webinar for Quantum Computing Programming Beginners


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July 25, 2022

Let’s start quantum computer programming with Blueqat!

We know mastering quantum computer programming is very difficult. But, using Blueqat, a quantum computing SDK, you can learn quantum computer programming very easily. This webinar is for beginners of quantum computer programming. For the first 20–30 mins, we will talk about the basic concepts of quantum computers and Blueqat. After the explanation, we will actually use Blueqat to write a quantum computer program.

To help make the webinar go as smooth as possible please prepare the Blueqat environment on your computer beforehand. Blueqat is a programming library using python, so you will need a Python programming environment. In the Python programming environment, you can install Blueqat with:

>>> pip install Blueqat

Please see the following URL if you have and problems installing Blueqat.

Blueqat (github): https://github.com/Blueqat/Blueqat