Let’s Talk Cryptography



Auttapon ChutiphornphanithPoompong ChaiwongkhotRachata Tosirisuk

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July 25, 2022

No prior knowledge is required.

# Speakers

– Poompong Chaiwongkhot, Institute for Quantum Computing, Canada
– Rachata Tosirisuk, CAT Telecom PCL, Thailand
– Auttapon Chutiphornphanith Finema Ltd,

# Abstract

“It is a hard truth that cryptography is usually appeared in the news and become the topic of discussion only when it is broken and causes some damage to​ the economy or information privacy. We rarely look at cryptography on its function and limitation.”

Welcome to the first chapter of our webinar series on Quantum Cryptography. For the first step in our journey, we will set the ‘Quantum’ part aside and go back in time to see the evolution of encryption up to the point we are on today. Using examples from the past, we will see from the cryptographer’s perspective on how different encryption methods were developed, under which requirements and assumptions would they be secure, and how to break them. From there, we will discuss the fundamental structure of modern cryptography we are using these days. Lastly, we will take a quick look at the modern communication landscape, and see which part cryptography could help provide security, and where it cannot. We will also discuss the role of us, users, on the [in]security of our information, and how to improve it.