Let’s start quantum computer programming with Blueqat!

We know mastering quantum computer programming is very difficult. But, using Blueqat, a quantum computing SDK, you can learn quantum computer programming very easily. This webinar is for beginners of quantum computer programming. For the first 20-30mins, we will talk about the basic concepts of quantum computers and Blueqat. After the explanation, we will actually use Blueqat to write a quantum computer program.

To help make the webinar go as smooth as possible please prepare the Blueqat environment on your computer beforehand. Blueqat is a programming library using python, so you will need a python programming environment. In a python programming environment, you can install Blueqat as:

>>> pip install Blueqat

Please see the following URL if you have and problems installing Blueqat.

Blueqat(github): github.com/Blueqat/Blueqat