Fully packed from 9AM to 9PM! Our first international Quantum Tech workshop in Thailand 2019, as a collaboration between Quantum Technology Foundation of Thailand (QTFT) and RISE.

Dimitris Angelakis from CQT Singapore, our scientific advisor, gave us an overview of quantum technology in layman terms. Man-Hong Yung from Huawei, Runyao Duan from Baidu, and Shengyu Zhang from Tencent gave us glimpses of what quantum tech in industry looked like in China. And many more from local (Asia & South East Asia) quantum research institutions/industries.

Just in the right time, hearing Daniel Sank from Google, confirming us about the recent quantum supremacy experiment (with a promise that the details should be officially published in a few weeks).

Quantum programming workshop and the afternoon section by Worawat Meevasana (SUT), James Grieve (CQT), Yvonne Gao (A*Star), Victor Bastidas (NTT), and Tomasso Demarie (Entropica Labs) were well received, with lots of good questions from the audience.

Thank you everyone to join our event and make this happen!