• Quantum Technology Foundation (Thailand)

We are a community of scientists, engineers, and entrepreneurs in SEA who think quantum to solve the most challenging industry problems

What we do

Quantum community

We build a deep-tech community and facilitate cross-industry collaboration under the theme of quantum technologies. Our community consists of more than 50 quantum experts and another 50 experts from different industries.

Consulting services

We provide quantum technology workshops, talks, and industry analysis for corporates and government institutions. Our workshops include use cases that directly tackle corporate's challenges and hand-ons quantum programming experience.

Research & Development

We do in-house R&D on quantum machine learning and optimization algorithms as well as outsourcing quantum experts worldwide to address corporate's specific challenges.






The standard daily x qtft – creative ai

QTFT partners with the Standard Daily to host a monthly program "Science to Die for" to promote quantum and related technologies. This episode starts with creative AI by Dr. Warasinee and Dr. Attapol, 8pm tonight via Facebook & Youtube Live. Stay tuned!

QTFT at suthichai academy

QTFT were at Suthichai Academy Think Thank yesterday, sharing how quantum technologies could change the business landscape in the future, in the same way that smartphone disrupted the long-standing media industry in Thailand. Thank everyone for coming!    

QTFT at Creative Talk 2020

Dr. Thiparat Chotibut gave at talk at CSC2020.Read an excellence summery of the event here the Conclusion - อาสาสรุป by krittamate

QTFT at Code mania 2019

Dr. Thiparat Chotibut gave a talk on quantum machine learning at CODE MANIA 2019 at True Digital Park.

QTFT interviewed by the standard

Our cofounders Dr. Jirawat Tangpanitanon and Dr. Thiparat Chotibut talked about Quantum supremacy, science, and life (in Thai) with the Standard Daily.   

QTFT interviewed at Suthichai Live on quantum supremacy

Our cofounders Dr. Jirawat Tangpanitanon and Dr. Thiparat Chotibut gave an interview with Suthichai Live on Google's quantum supremacy.   


Hands-on Webinar for Quantum Computing Programming Beginners

Let’s start quantum computer programming with Blueqat! We know mastering quantum computer programming is very difficult. But, using Blueqat, a quantum computing SDK, you can learn quantum computer programming very easily. This webinar is for beginners of quantum computer programming. For the first 20-30mins, we will talk about the basic concepts of quantum computers and Blueqat. After the explanation, we will actually use Blueqat to write a quantum computer program. [...]

Quantum Convolutional Neural Network

Convolutional neural networks (CNNs) have recently proven successful for many complex applications ranging from image recognition to precision medicine. Motivated by recent advances in realizing quantum information processors, I introduce and analyze a quantum circuit-based algorithm inspired by CNNs. Our quantum convolutional neural network (QCNN) uses only O(log(N)) variational parameters for input sizes of N qubits, allowing for its efficient training and implementation on realistic, near-term quantum devices. To explicitly […]

Towards Quantum Supremacy in Near-Term Quantum Computers

Are there computational tasks in which quantum computers can achieve beyond what any classical algorithm can do, even those yet undiscovered? The experimental race for these tasks, know as quantum supremacy, in near-term quantum devices continues to this day. These theoretical proofs of quantum supremacy all rule out classical simulations of certain quantum system by arguing that if such simulations are possible, then there will be a devastating consequence, “collapse […]

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