Quantum Computing with Atomic Qubits: Advantages and Challenges



Kritsana SrakaewPolnop SamutpraphootTheeraphot Sriarunothai, PhD

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July 25, 2022

This talk is open to public. The level of undergraduate physics, though not required, is recommended.

# Speakers

– Polnop Samutpraphoot, Harvard University, US
– Theeraphot Sriarunothai, University of Siegen
– Kritsana Srakaew, Chiang Mai University

# Abstract

Atomic qubits have been one of the main candidates for future quantum computers. But how far is it from a perfect quantum computing platform? What are the advantages or the challenges for using natural atoms and ions? And what about the comparison to other possible platforms? In this month’s QTFT webinar, we will have three atomic-qubit experts joining us: Polnop Samutpraphoot, a graduate student working with cold atoms and nanophotonics at Harvard University; Theeraphot Sriarunothai, a research scientist working with trapped ions at University of Siegen, Germany; and Kritsana Srakaew, a research student working with cold atoms at Max-Planck Institute in Germany. In this one-hour panel discussion, we will have them guiding us, from basics of atomic qubits to a big picture of what this field of research is like, based on their expertises. We will also provide time for questions from the audience.