Optimization is an area where quantum computing is expected to provide certain superior business results. While a fully-fledged quantum computer is not here yet, our cloud-based optimization platform utilizes digital and quantum-inspired technologies to help you gain business advantage today and prepare you for the quantum future.

Our Platform

If some of these issues resonate with your corporate operations, our QTFT optimization platform may offer valuable assistance:

- You have complex business operations to manage. You wish to have a tool that help you make a better decision.

- Despite undergoing digital transformation, your operations still rely heavily on manual process.

- You current optimization tools take too long to solve. Important decisions cannot be made in a timely manner.

- You current optimization tools cannot account for complex business requirements. They don't really work.

Our platform provides a cloud-based optimization tool based on digital and quantum technologies. It abstracts away the complication of building complex mathematical models. Using restful API, you tell us the status of your operation and we tell you your next best plan.

Our Value Proposition

Our optimization model focuses on complex, real-time business operations where uncertainties and incomplete information have a significant impact on the outcome. Examples include uncertain traffic in logistics, fluctuations in solar production, last minute demand changes and unreliable suppliers.

In these situations, we adhere to a copilot philosophy. Our model leverages the expertise of domain experts, suggests possible solutions along with their respective impacts, while maintaining the optimality of overall operations.

Our Customers

Currently, our customers are industry leaders in logistics, energy, finance, and petrochemicals in Thailand, with a combined revenue exceeding 70 billion USD. Many of them have deployed our platform in real production.


Our customers have used our platform to optimize over 1M drop points for delivery in a metropolitan area in Thailand including cold chain and cement logistics. Our platform provides dynamic zoning ability that leverages driver's expertise to get through chaotic traffic in Bangkok, while guiding them towards optimal routes. It also takes into account fair distribution of delays, supplier availability and support real-time rerouting within seconds.

The approach results in a more efficient and dynamic operation with significantly reduced manual work.

Energy Grid

Our customers have used our platform to optimize grid stability and distributed energy resources (DERs) with a combined install capacity of over 300 MW, including solar farms, wind farms, battery energy storages, electric vehicles, and solar rooftops. The platform performs Optimal Power Flow (OPF) to find optimal configurations of DERs in near real-time.
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Our platform has been used to optimize an end-to-end petrochemical supply-chain in Thailand, with over 100,000 decision variables. Our customer receives over 3,000% speed up in calculation time from 10 hours to a few minutes, enabling them to make strategic decisions in a timely manner.
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Air Trafic Management

Our customer uses our platform for Air Traffic Flow Advisory System (ATFAS) to minimize Air Traffic Flow Management (ATFM) delays for all flights within the Bangkok Flight Information Region. Around a thousand flights are managed simultaneously every minutes. Our platform allows ATFM officers to effectively coordinates flight congestion between different Airspace Sectors.

Make your own use cases with our team of PhDs.

Cannot find your use cases? Try our consulting and execution services to customize mathematical models and to develop your own quantum use cases.

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