Quantum Simulations with Trapped Ions


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July 25, 2022

Trapped ions are very suitable candidates for realizing quantum simulators because they provide us with excellent control over all quantum degrees of freedom: we can repeatedly and reliably prepare a quantum state, control its dynamic evolution, generate entangled states and carry out quantum measurements with high efficiency. In our experiment, we encode spin-1/2 particles into the electronic states of a string of trapped calcium ions. Laser beams are used to generate variable-range effective spin-spin interactions and a tightly focused laser beam allows for high-fidelity single-spin control.

In the first part of my presentation I will introduce the experimental setup and its capabilities, and explain how we engineer tunable-range spin-spin interactions. The second part focuses on properties of the realized interaction dynamics [1, 2], and presents a study of quantum transport under the influence of disorder and dephasing [3]. Finally, I discuss how we can apply our tunable-range interaction and single-qubit control to perform variational quantum simulation of lattice models with up to 20 sites [4].

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